Special thanks to our long standing volunteer – Lisa Anna Palmer

August 18, 2017


Over the years, many volunteers have served our newcomers at World Skills Employment Centre. One of those special volunteers is Lisa Anna Palmer, who has volunteered with World Skills and especially the Ottawa Job Match Network for over five years and also mentored several staff.

I first met Lisa at Hire Immigrants Ottawa  in 2012 where she participated at the HIO working group meetings. I noticed her passion for wanting to make a difference to work places.  She was very passionate about supporting newcomers.  The manner in which she treated me, spoke volumes about her character because I felt validated and valued in her presence. She did not just speak about integrating into this new culture as a theory – she practiced it by being present with the people around her. It did not take long after our first few interactions to invite Lisa to volunteer with our OJMN workshops and to develop and deliver a three hour workshop on “Tips to Market Your Competencies when Applying for Jobs.”

In addition to volunteering with OJMN, Lisa has also:

  •  volunteered with our Resume Clinic which supports newcomers to Canada in tailoring their applications for employment opportunities
  • been a  mentor to six of our staff by increasing their knowledge of how to help newcomers apply competencies in the job application process
  • volunteered as a facilitator at our Interview Roulette, an activity aimed at providing more interview practice for newcomers
  • provided cross cultural communication skills workshops to newcomers

“We have all the competencies AND we can learn the system,” she emphasizes at the opening of each of her workshops. This has helped newcomers to address the common barrier of not understanding how how to transfer their skills, knowledge and experience into competencies which are required by the employers. Lisa engages workshop participants in a variety of activities which enable them to re-think how to make their applications more inviting to the employer.

lisa - presenting to group

Here are a few testimonials about Lisa from our clients:






“Effective Communicator”

“Awesome session because it was so straight forward”

“Eye Opener”

“She understands her audience and is strategic in the delivery of the information for this audience”

“The session displayed what is “under the iceberg”

“She focused on what is very important”

The information was crystalized and presented in an excellent structure”

“Best of all the information was updated!”

“Lisa is an excellent presenter and her workshop is very interactive with a good mixture of different activities and she also gives immediate feedback that are extremely valuable.”

“The combination of structure and content that supplement theoretical application is excellent.”

“As a professional immigrant newcomer coming to Canada from the UK, I found Lisa to have a credible and dynamic presence who attracts your attention with her presentation delivery and content. Her practical knowledge together with an emphasis on how to leverage connections and market myself for employability was direct and effective. I put it to use the following week, and by using the framing technique she suggested and using a brief opportunity to pitch, I received a job offer.” Julie Brenan

“I have had the privilege to work with Lisa Anna Palmer as a coach and facilitator for resume preparation.  Her amazing personality coupled with her vast knowledge not only draws clients in but their comprehension of the subject matter increases exponentially.  It is like watching a light bulb turn on for many.”

From Staff:

“I am thankful for the hard work and exemplary delivery provided by Lisa Anna Palmer to my Business Administration and Management Sector cohorts. She not only helped the group understand and better manage their marketing tool when responding to employment opportunities but have provided them clear guidance on how to look at their approach more strategically.” Gemma Follini, World Skills

“Lisa Anna Palmer’s work has added immeasurable value to the programs that World Skills delivers to internationally trained newcomers to Canada. She contributes directly to the integration of newcomers to the local labour market by delivering sector specific workshop sessions that provide insight into the pragmatics of targeting professional positions and help job seekers better understand the notions of leadership competencies and transferable skills. In addition to her workshop speaking engagements and volunteer resume coaching, Lisa continues to be an informal mentor to both World Skills clients and staff. Her willingness to share her experience, knowledge and networks with our organization has contributed directly to our capacity building and has ultimately increased our effectiveness as Job Match Specialists.” Danielle McCann, previous Job Match Specialist, The Ottawa Job Match Network

“Lisa’s workshop is straight to the point and easy to understand.  The connection that could be established among the topics presented and discussed is excellent and extremely relevant.  She really took the time to understand the need of her audience and deliver accordingly with passion.” Vikki Broesamle, Alternative Careers Specialist, World Skills

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe Lisa Anna Palmer, but those that stand out are: “committed,” “sincere,” “knowledgeable,” and a “thorough professional.”

“Lisa is one of the regular presenters at the workshops that the Ottawa Job Match Network at World Skills offers to clients who are seeking work in various sectors – ranging from public administration to applied sciences.  The information that she shares is always current, relevant, and in-depth, with activities to match.  Clients who attend these workshops receive a sound grounding in both the theory and practice of making their job search more efficient and effective.  She thus offers invaluable client service to internationally educated professionals who are trying to integrate into the labour market in Canada. During client evaluations, Lisa has always received top ratings in all the key areas:

  1. Insight into the competencies required for various sectors
  2. Insight into analyzing job postings
  3. Tailoring job applications
  4. Preparing for and answering job interview questions

Lisa’s participation in our workshops is a clear and unambiguous testimony of her contribution to a community of new professionals and her willingness to be a mentor to them as they try to find their niche in the Canadian labour market.

Finally, everything that Lisa does is characterized by a generosity that is an essential part of her.  Not only is she generous with the time that she devotes to our clients, but also with the insights and material that she shares – both of which are often based on original research and the work that she has done throughout a rich career in human resources.  It is no wonder then, that we sometimes run out of adjectives while trying to describe Lisa!” Staff

 “Lisa Anna Palmer is one of those rare professionals who has the ability to use both her heart and work as a professional to help others find their passion and purpose. As a professional, she is business like and keeps to her commitment with excellent follow up and timely deliverables. She has worked with me effortlessly in understanding the needs of our program and have delivered impeccable results. When working with our team, she exercises great leadership and sensitivity towards the clients whom we serve. She is great role model for leadership with helps people move in the right direction, using skills, tools and knowledge which she graciously shares, using her own personal experiences.” Magdalene Cooman, Director, Employer Engagement,  World Skills

Thank you Lisa for your support and commitment towards helping newcomers integrate in the job market.

Interested in volunteering with World Skills Employment Centre?  Sign up here.

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