About Us

World Skills is a registered charity and a recognized leader in responding to the needs of the local labour market while promoting the skills and talents of immigrants.

World Skills aims to enhance the economic integration of immigrants, refugees and newcomers by:
— Developing and offering programs and services that assist them in increasing their employability in the Canadian job market.

— Creating employment opportunities for them through increasing public awareness of their employability and by forming partnerships with employers in the Ottawa region.

We provide employers with access to a local pool of talent from around the world and has strong partnerships with more than 100 Ottawa employers. Since 2005, more than 20,000 internationally trained professionals have benefited from World Skills services.

World Skills was founded in 1997 by Local Agencies Serving Immigrants (LASI), a coalition of settlement agencies in Ottawa, and is now a member of LASI.

To support the integration of newcomers into the Canadian labour market through:
— Partnership
— Pre-employment services
— Employer engagement

An inclusive Canada that values the skills and talents of new Canadians


Partnership: Our history is based on partnership and continues to frame our work and identity.

Respect for Diversity: We value the unique backgrounds, viewpoints, skills and talents of our clients, volunteers, staff and stakeholders.

Empowerment: We go beyond helping clients; we embrace capacity-building and continues learning.

Service Excellence: We are committed to providing a high standard of service to our clients, employers, funders and community partners.

Accountability and Integrity: We believe everyone must take ownership of their actions and responsibilities.

Charity Registration Number: 871616603RR0001



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