Access Internationally Trained Talent

World Skills provides employers with access to a local pool of talent from around the world. In addition to high levels of education, each professional offers 3–10 years (or more) of relevant experience and a global perspective, often gained with world-class companies and at middle to senior levels.

The pool of candidates includes professionals in:

  • accounting
  • administration
  • architecture
  • business management
  • construction
  • customer service representatives
  • education
  • engineering
  • finance
  • hospitality
  • human resources
  • IT
  • pharmaceutical
  • research and development
  • sales
  • science
  • social science
  • tourism

We Can Help You Reduce HR Costs

World Skills delivers cross-cultural training for employers to hire and retain newcomer talent.
Increased cultural diversity brings new elements to your organization’s practices. We help you reduce your HR costs for recruitment, retention and training, raise your organization’s appeal to internationally trained talent and reach new markets at home and abroad through a more diverse workforce.

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