Enhanced Language Training


World Skills offers free classes to help you learn the most effective and appropriate ways to communicate in the Canadian workplace. There are several courses to choose from and you may decide to take more than one.

Guest speakers are invited, including employers and sector specialists, who share their knowledge and give you a chance to develop your network. You will also have access to individual employment counselling as well as individual grammar and pronunciation coaching. Participants may also take a 10-hour Sage Simply Accounting software application workshop.


You are a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or Live-in Caregiver in Ontario with Canadian Language Benchmarks (listening, speaking, reading and writing) minimum at 6-7.

Courses: (Click here to see schedule)

Writing and Oral Communication Skills for Professionals – Blended course
Writing and oral communication skills are essential to professional success. This course helps you understand Canadian expectations for presenting yourself professionally, managing conversations, and developing interpersonal skills. It also enhances your written business communication skills, including accuracy, sentence structure and writing for different audiences. Participants will gain hands-on experience writing emails, memos and requests.

Advanced Writing and Oral Communication Skills for Professionals – Blended course
Many of today’s businesses rely on team work and professional report writing. This course further enhances your interpersonal skills and helps you understand Canadian expectations for managing professional discussions and participation in meetings. Written business communication will include report writing and business cases. Participants will gain hands-on experience with negotiation skills and in delivering persuasive presentations.

Office Administration
Office administrators are at the centre of many professional teams and have a unique skill set. This course introduces internationally trained professionals to the skills required in a Canadian office context, including standard office procedures and expectations around teamwork and meetings.

Entrepreneurs (Start your own business)
Have a great idea? Starting a business and being your own boss can be very appealing. This course will help you make an informed decision about becoming an entrepreneur. Participants learn how to write a business plan, understand their customers, market their product or service, look at the financial aspects of starting and running a business, and present their business to potential investors.

To schedule an appointment please call 613-233-0453 ext. 300 or email ws@ottawa-worldskills.org.

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