On-the-Job Language Training


Are you having difficulty attracting and retaining skilled and talented employees?

Is staying ahead of the competitive labour market a problem?  Looking for a solution?   

World Skills has 20 years of experience in connecting newcomers to employment and supporting businesses from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail, not-for-profit, government and hospitality.

Throughout our history, we have developed and delivered English language training to countless newcomers through a variety of innovative and effective courses. Our newest free employment-specific program is On-the-Job Language Training.



On-the-Job Language Training offers employers the opportunity to build newcomer staff’s competencies and to support their integration into the workplace.

Employer benefits
• Post recruitment support via On-the-Job Language Training safeguards your return on investment
• Employee performance and retention is enhanced
• Your employees are better equipped to provide superior customer service
• Skilled and hard-working employees can be retrained for work that requires higher language skills
• High quality employees ensure that you can adapt to a changing marketplace

Employee benefits
Develop and build upon their English skills
• Fine-tune abilities to perform work tasks better and take on new tasks
• Are better equipped to compete for promotions and advance within your organization
• Learn and use language relevant to your workplace
• Build confidence that positively impacts your workplace and the community they live in.



Meeting your needs as an employer
• We manage the entire language training process, from the initial individual employee language level assessment to the post-assessment
• We carry out an onsite language needs assessment with you to develop customized training that responds to your specific business requirements
• With your permission we undertake an extensive review your relevant information documents such as manuals, policies, glossaries and technical language to use in the development of a customized curriculum
• We develop course curriculum to meet your language needs and include cross cultural communication abilities and soft skills that build confidence
• We assess your employee upon completion of the language training to determine their improved language proficiency

Meeting your employees’ needs
• We carry out a needs assessment with your employees to ensure that they are motivated to engage in language learning
• We develop course curriculum to meet your employee’s language levels and include cross cultural communication and soft skills that newcomer employees need to build confidence
• We assess your employees upon completion of the language training to determine their enhanced language proficiency


• Emphasize language required for interaction in the workplace
• Integrate information about Canadian workplace culture
• Hire teachers who are Ontario Certified Teacher of English as a Second Language and are skilled at creating links between the course, the employee work and to their personal lives
• Are based on the Canadian Language Benchmark criteria and outcomes are recognized as the official Canadian standards for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants

If you think that On-the-Job Language Training is a solution to attracting and retaining skilled and talented newcomer employees contact Peggy Kelly, Liaison, Workplace Language Training
(613) 233-0453 Ext. 342 peggy@ottawa-worldskills.org

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