Join Our Team of Volunteer Coaches!


Are you an expert or professional who can coach newcomers towards securing employment?

If YES, join us for one of our Coaching Events!

Your role as a coach:

  • meet newcomers  who aspire to work in a similar field to yours
  • provide insights and information about  companies/organizations in the industry sectors pertinent to their qualifications and experience,
  • discuss their career/employment goals,
  • provide suggestions for enhancing their job search,
  • provide constructive feedback on their communication & interpersonal skills in an interview or a networking/social situation (i.e. to create a better first impression) and
  • share your personal career journey and use your experiences to inspire, motivate, and guide them towards reaching their goals.

Additional Opportunities for you:

  • describe/promote your organization to our staff, as well as our newcomer clients, so we have a better idea of the talent requirements of your employer
  • Network with other professionals / industry leaders

Approximate Time Commitment: (3 hours)


Contact:  Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell (

300-219 Argyle Ave., Ottawa ON K2P 2H4

T: 613 233 0453 ext 366  

Messages from one of our coaches, Elizabeth Fellwalker, Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant

Message for newcomers: 

Knowing what you want, why you want it, and the strengths you bring to it — all of this is magnetic. When you express your interest and your confidence, you attract opportunities. Focus on what you want. Tell people. Let your light shine. No journey goes perfectly, so take care of yourself —find your own sources of resilience and be sure to replenish them so you can keep going and achieve what you dream of. This message applies to anyone in career transition.

Message for potential employers:

Quite apart from competitive work experience, expertise and credentials, many newcomers also demonstrate a very special set of characteristics that might be just what you want in your employees. You won’t have to look hard to find signs of: imagination to consider what might be, courage to pursue it, the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to solve complex problems, to be curious and an able learner, to exercise great patience and attention to detail, to be resilient.

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