"I have had a very pleasant experience interacting with the SOPA Intake Counsellor who responded to my request very promptly, arranged an online meeting and quickly provided a follow-up. After the meeting she took into consideration the specifics of my resume and my job search requirements and compiled a whole list of useful links to information resources, on a wide range of topics, from finding accommodation in my future province to tax benefits, certification in my area of expertise, volunteering opportunities, and many, many more things that are relevant to my situation. I am very grateful for her help and I feel more reassured about my settlement now after the session. She was much more helpful than I expected. She also referred me to an online SOPA workshop devoted to job search strategies and targeting one’s resumes. Hopefully, I shall gain some useful insight through the workshop as well. Another good thing is that now I feel that if I have any questions, I know where to turn to, instead of wandering blind and fumbling in the dark."

(Ekaterina, SOPA client, )

"Thank you so much for the extensive and detailed list which covers practically everything that we discussed. I would like to say that I enjoyed our session and I appreciate your openness and kindness. If there’s any survey I have to fill out to rate services that you provide, I’ll be more than happy to do that!"

(Temur Davronov, SOPA client, )

"May I sincerely appreciate you for the excellent service you gave me during our conversation.  It was nice discussing with you as you went as far as giving me much more than I expected to guide me in settling down fast. Your service was excellent."

(Kingsley, SOPA client, )

Your help is much appreciated and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this job.

"I just want to thank you for your support and great feedback you provided during my job finding process. I got a job offer to work in my field which is a great opportunity for me. You reviewed my resume when I was applying for this job, specifically. You also provided me with great feedback on the mock interview when I was going for my actual job interview. Your help is much appreciated and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this job. The workshop was also beneficial. It trained me on how to search properly for jobs, how to network properly, and how to present myself professionally to prospect employers. I want to also thank World Skills for offering such a great service to the community."

(World Skills client, )

Thank you so much for the support and guidance

"I can't express enough how awesome our meeting was. Our conversation really boosted my confidence and made me feel like I had someone rooting for me.  I was surprised there are so many opportunities available I hadn't known about before. Finding employment can be a very defeating experience, so it was amazing to talk to someone who understood that and truly cared about helping me accomplish my goals. Thank you so much for the support and guidance. World Skills is lucky to have you on their team!"

(Rebecca, World Skills client, )

"World Skills / Compétences Mondiales : Une expérience réussie ! Merci World Skills. Toute ma reconnaissance au personnel d’encadrement et administratif."

(Komi Segbedji, )

I learned a lot from World Skills

"I would like to show all my respect to World Skills team; thank you for your professional approach. I am in the process of getting settled in Canada now. I learned a lot from World Skills in a very short period of time when I arrived in my new and permanent home, Canada, and I will definitely continue with this center to reach my professional goals."

(Ali Dasmeh, MCIC, World Skills client, )

Outstanding services

"I am so pleased with the support and advice I have gotten so far from the staff at World Skills and I will be attending workshops and further consultation meetings during December and January. All of the counsellors I have met with at World Skills have been exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and supportive and the atmosphere at the Argyle premises is characterized by respect and optimism. Thank you for your outstanding services."

(Johanna, World Skills client, )

De bons coachs pour une belle réussite

"Avec l’aide de Compétences Mondiales, j’ai apprécié d’avoir appris la technique SAR (Situation, Actions, Résultats). Si vous voulez un secret, cette méthode est la clé de toute chose. Je l’ai intégrée dans la reformulation de mon nouveau CV, dans la lettre de motivation et même durant l’entrevue. Je me suis ainsi démarquée des autres candidats en personnalisant mes réponses et en donnant des détails pertinents. J’ai eu un accompagnent  et un soutien personnalisés des conseillers. J’ai pu compter sur eux pour préparer mes différents documents et me pratiquer pour l’entrevue (...)"

(Sylviane Somda, World Skills client, )

JSW is extremely helpful

"I got good news just one day after the Job Search Workshop (JSW); I think the JSW is extremely helpful for job searching and interview skills.  Thank you so much for providing this workshop. Currently, I am working as a full time contractor in my field. My real life in Canada is started."

(Hai, World Skills client, )

"You had helped me a lot, your kindness, your support and your unique way to see the things helped me to change my life."

(World Skills Client, )

"You all have been an invaluable part of my life here in Canada. I can certainly say that your help, motivation and genuine desire of give me orientation for my career success, have given to me, the"

(World Skills Client, )

Life changing

"Life changing for newcomers!"

(Emilie Salinas, World Skills client, Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN))

Exceeded my expectations.

"Exceeded my expectations."

(Begaim Karynbaeva, World Skills client, Banana Boat Organization)

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