Become an Employer Champion

Championing Newcomers

World Skills engages local employers and other stakeholders to be advocates for newcomers and to use coaching as a strategy to advance their integration into the Ottawa labour market.

Lack of a network and lack of sector specific knowledge are two of the biggest barriers for newcomers to secure employment. Professionals in Ottawa can provide support to our newcomers through various forms of coaching and employers can gain access to the largest pool of newcomers in Ottawa.

Here are some areas in which you can help:

• Resume coach
• Interview coach
• Informational interview coach
• Guest speaker on subjects such as: industry specific information, personal journey, cross-cultural competencies
   and experiences, motivation, etc.
• Event sponsorship opportunities
• Entrepreneurship coach
• Social enterprise coach
• Networking coach
• Social media coach
• LinkedIn coach
• Pronunciation coach
• Paid internship; employment opportunity
• Corporate mentorship

Who can participate

• Employers, recruiters, managers, and other company representatives
• Professionals who wish to share sector specific or industry knowledge; or human resources expertise

The advantages of being an employer champion

• Meet and access the largest pool of talented newcomers in Ottawa
• Enhance individual or organizational cross-cultural awareness, knowledge and competencies
• Develop your mentoring/coaching/leadership/presentation skills
• Gain international perspectives and insights into international markets
• Share the opportunity to hire newcomer talent

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