Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women Team

Meet the team that brings the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women Initiative to life. The ENW team is passionate about bridging the gap of integration for newcomer women, tapping into a pool of talented professional women and bringing out the best of their abilities. The staff at ENW understands the challenges one faces coming to a new country, but our team is ready to support you and ease the process. Our hardworking facilitators, coordinators, and recruiters have put together a series of career developing workshops to guide newcomer women to a path of success! Get to know more about what we do and what the ENW program truly means to us.

“Our Vision is for immigrant women to be financially independent, emotionally strong and empowered to take care of their families and to contribute to Canada!” – ENW Staff

Intake, Assessment & Referral Counsellors

A productive day for the Intake Assessment team is described as, “Meeting internationally trained talent, getting to know their challenges and helping them with the necessary information or resources.”– Niveditha 

The Intake team works to meet with potential program participants to facilitate the intake, assessment and referral process. The group administers screening and assessment tests for program eligibility. They Happily follow up with each client to monitor their intake progress and address any concerns.

Employment Counsellors/ Facilitators

Our Employment Facilitators have the role of organizing group workshops and one-on-one counselling that connects newcomers to the labour market. Our facilitators maintain an excellent working knowledge of local labour market trends, community resources, the needs of newcomer job seekers and employers, and other stakeholders. The team works on delivering a tailored curriculum with a focus on women and employment.

“The favourite part of my job is the opportunity of getting to know exceptional newcomer women with various professional backgrounds and supporting them to build confidence as they begin to integrate in the Canadian labour market.” – Suzanne

Recruitment Specialists

We asked our Recruitment team a few questions on what it is like to work in their positions Fatima mentions, “As a Recruitment Specialist at World Skills’ Employment Center, I thrive at making a difference in peoples’ lives by helping job seekers find a job they love, and by finding employers the great people they need. It is a job that requires a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding and satisfying.” Recruitment Specialists connect newcomers to employment opportunities by introducing women to employers in Ottawa. Our Recruiters guide and encourage clients to do their labour market research, attend networking events, job fairs and other opportunities. The Recruitment Team works in a collaborative team effort to support clients in tailoring their applications, LinkedIn profiles, and preparing for job interviews.

Employer Engagement Team

The Employment Engagement Coordinators recruit employers to facilitate the hiring of newcomers in the labour market. Our Employment Coordinators meet with HR representatives individually to determine their hiring needs and potential participation. Employers are invited to partner with this project through mentorship opportunities and participating in Targeted Recruitment Events. 

Data/Reporting Specialist

Our Data Reporting Specialist has a critical role in preparing data and entering this information into the database to generate reports as required. Working together with the team employer and client information is collected and submitted into the database based on the custom project fields. The database is maintained by following data program requirements, techniques, and procedures.

Being a part of ENW has been an enriching experience. Each with a unique background, we work together and thrive in a positive culture. Collaborating with an amazingly dedicated team of colleagues and connect with incredible clients who are highly skilled, strong and resilient. We are proud to be part of a team that is instrumental in helping newcomer women find their space in the Canadian Labour Market, among many challenges. It is most satisfying to be a part of the change, putting a smile on the faces of our clients that we’ve helped secure a job they have been seeking. Every day we are learning, doing something of value, something meaningful, every day is an adventure, an enjoyable experience for all of our careers! Together, we set challenging goals and work hard to see them through.



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