Foreign Credential Recognition Program, FCRP

The FCRP is a program funded by ESDC and was created to speed, simplify and ensure the full integration of Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs) in the Canadian Labor Market. 


What is FCRP?

The FCRP program supports ITIs to have their credentials assessed so they can work in their original professional field or in an alternative related profession. Additional relevant services are also provided by this program at World Skills.

“Credential Assessment” through FCRP

Credential Assessment is to obtain the equivalency of your completed foreign education to Canadian standards. These academic comparisons are done by internationally recognized organizations.

Why is important for an ITI to have their credentials assessed?

Having your credentials assessed helps Canadian organizations have a better understanding of ITI’s educational background.

Services offered by WS-FCRP?

  • The FCRP at WSEC, works in partnership with three other organizations. Each offers different services to support ITIs in navigating the Credential Assessment process and enhance employment outcomes.
  • See attached image #1 Who does What.
  • Starting in January 2022, the program also offers specialized Sector Specialist services focused only on trades.

How the FCRP Helps you Succeed as Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs) in Canada


Overcome barriers towards your Credential Recognition and restart working in your professional field (or alternative related) field

steps (1)

Guide you in the steps needed to get your credentials assessed


Connect you with mentors in your professional field

loan (1)

Provide loans of up to $15,000 to cover the cost of credential assessment and or additional studies you might need


Provide additional guidance to relevant related services offered by the Sector Specialists at World Skills Employment Centre (such as Career Coaching and exploration of alternative paths).


  • The time and steps ITIs have to complete their credentials assessment might vary depending on multiple factors such as their individual case, the field of their profession, their foreign institution of education, etc.
  • The FCRP provides guidance and support to navigate the multiple steps that an ITI has to complete to get their credentials (former education) assessed, together with complimentary related support

Eligibility Criteria for the FCRP Program

Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs)

  Permanent Residents

  Convention Refugees 

Foreign-born Canadian Citizens (also called naturalized Canadians)

Post-secondary education outside Canada or have a bachelor’s degree in Canada (for academic career purposes)

Resides in Ottawa and the Gatineau region, or is willing to move to the Ottawa region.

Regulated and non-regulated professions.

How can I become part of this program?

By completing three easy steps:

Become a client of WSEC by submitting your request for a WSEC intake,

a) During your WSEC intake, express your need to become part of this program and attend your consultation with the FCRP intake counsellor who will be assessing your individual needs in this domain

b) Attend your consultation with the Sector Specialist who will be providing you with the specific support you are looking for.


Program Frequency

  • The FCRP continually provides services to eligible clients throughout the year.
  • Information sessions are held three times per month and are published in Eventbrite two or three weeks in advance.
  • For more information about FCRP upcoming events or other events at World Skills, please check the World Skills events calendar using the link below:

What should I expect once I join the FCRP at World Skills?

“…After registering with the FCRP, the intake counsellor referred me to a sector specialist who assisted me with different services by sending me useful links and also helped me to improve my resume and cover letter, build the skills needed to achieve success in work and life in Canada”

Alphonse Bahire

“…. The [FCRP intake] counsellor referred me to employment counselling and to the [FCRP] sector specialist who provided career guidance/mapping. I received support/guidance on updating my resume and developing a career plan. The services and, mostly, the people I got to work with during my journey with World Skills [FCRP] made me build confidence in my decision to move to Canada with my family and prepared me to enter the job market.”

Marie Régine Angélique Ekirabo

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Learn More About the FCRP

Would you like to learn more about the FCRP at the World Skills Employment Centre? Book an appointment with one of our WSEC Intake counsellors and request referral to the FCRP.