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Coaching for Impact

Sharing your knowledge, expertise and time coaching newcomers can make all the difference to their economic integration into the community. Volunteer coaching can also make a difference in the professional life of a coach; it can be an opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain different perspectives and support your organization’s corporate social responsibility goals.

Your role as a coach

• Time commitment of approximately three hours a month
• Meet newcomers who aspire to work in a similar field to yours
• Provide insights and information about companies and organizations in the industry sectors pertinent to their
  qualifications and experience
• Discuss their career and employment goals
• Provide suggestions for enhancing their job search
• Provide constructive feedback on their communication and interpersonal skills in an interview, networking
  opportunity or a social situation
• Share your personal career journey and use your experiences to inspire, motivate and guide them towards reaching
  their goals

Additional opportunities

• Promote your organization to World Skills as well as our newcomer clients, so we have a better idea of the
  talent requirements of your employer
• Network with other professionals and industry leaders

A message for newcomers from Elizabeth Fellwalker, Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant: 

Knowing what you want, why you want it, and the strengths you bring to it — all of this is magnetic. When you express your interest and your confidence, you attract opportunities. Focus on what you want. Tell people. Let your light shine. No journey goes perfectly, so take care of yourself —find your own sources of resilience and be sure to replenish them so you can keep going and achieve what you dream of. This message applies to anyone in career transition.

A message for employers from Elizabeth Fellwalker, Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant:

Quite apart from competitive work experience, expertise and credentials, many newcomers also demonstrate a very special set of characteristics that might be just what you want in your employees. You won’t have to look hard to find signs of: imagination to consider what might be, courage to pursue it, the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to solve complex problems, to be curious and an able learner, to exercise great patience and attention to detail, to be resilient.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please email us at

World Skills' News


Dear clients, volunteers, employers, partners and stakeholders; due to the special circumstances related to COVID-19, from March 17, 2020 and until further notice, our employment services are being offered remotely using e-mail, telephone, and other available technologies.

We have made an effort to transition all our services online which include: job search workshops, employer events, language courses, individualized employment counseling, intake and assessment of new clients, re-assessment of existing clients, pre-screening candidates for job opportunities, our resume clinic, among other services.

For group format, we're mostly using zoom and for one/one we're very open to whichever technology works for you.

If you're a newcomer job seeker who'd like to register as a World skills Client please click this link to book an appointment. Stakeholder who'd like to find out more, please connect with us via e-mail at

Your questions and requests will be dealt with by our solicitous staff.

Please stay safe and follow the advice of health officials.