Learn More About the ENW Program

Do you identify as a visible minority newcomer woman? If yes, then this may be the perfect program fo you! Know if you’re an eligible participant. Learn more about how the ENW initiative benefits you and fits your needs.

We Will Help You To:

  • Assess your employability skills
  • Gain insights into the labour market, and better understand how your skills match with labour market demands
  • Build a realistic career action plan between assessed skill levels and required job skills
  • Apply for jobs with customized resumes and cover letters
  • Master responses to interview questions
  • Meet and connect with local employers
  • Represent yourself with confidence at networking events
  • Transition successfully on the job with one-on-one support
  • Understand workplace culture and communication skills which are essential for navigating on the job

*Free child care and transportation


  • Must identify as a visible minority newcomer woman
  • Permanent resident of Canada
  • A protected person and/or convention refugee with a valid work permit
  • Must be willing to volunteer in this research project
  • Must be unemployed or underemployed

Be inspired by accomplished guest speakers, mentors and coaches

Are you ready to challenge yourself and succeed in the labour market?

Contact Us:

World Skills Employment Centre
Rideau Community Hub  
815 St Laurent Blvd., Rm 225,
Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7                                      
Tel: (613) 800- 0700 ext.410                                                                  

Click the link to download the ENW Flyer.



World Skills' News


Dear clients, volunteers, employers, partners and stakeholders; due to the special circumstances related to COVID-19, from March 17, 2020 and until further notice, our employment services are being offered remotely using e-mail, telephone, and other available technologies.

We have made an effort to transition all our services online which include: job search workshops, employer events, language courses, individualized employment counselling, intake and assessment of new clients, re-assessment of existing clients, pre-screening candidates for job opportunities, our resume clinic, among other services.

For group format, we're mostly using zoom and for one/one we're very open to whichever technology works for you.

If you're a newcomer job seeker who'd like to register or a stakeholder who'd like to find out more, please connect with us via e-mail at ws@ottawa-worldskills.org

Your questions and requests will be dealt with by our solicitous staff.

Please stay safe and follow the advice of health officials.