Non-profit Employment Program

2017-2018 Ottawa Non-Profit Employer Engagement Project
World Skills Employment Centre will support non profit organizations to enhance their capacity to attract and retain new talent, while assisting internationally trained Canadians to compete successfully for positions in the non profit sector.

World Skills Employment Centre is excited to receive funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to launch the Non-profit Employer Engagement Project. This project is part of the Ontario Bridge Training Program for Internationally Trained Individuals and is designed to strengthen the capacity of 50 non profit organizations (small, medium and large) in the Ottawa region to enhance their ability to recruit, hire, onboard and retain internationally educated individuals. The project aims to support up to 100 internationally trained to employment commensurate with their skills and experience.

With over 40,000 registered charities and non-profit organizations, the non-profit sector is a major employer across Ontario, providing over 600,000 Ontarians with employment (ONN-2012). The Non-profit Employer Engagement Project will identify employers who want to collaborate with World Skills Employment Centre and increase their capacity to easily find talent from the candidate talent pool. To meet program objectives, World Skills will develop tools and resources to help employers gain a competitive edge in hiring and retention by reducing their HR costs. Employers will be able to provide mentorship, paid internships and job opportunities to the talent pool of internationally trained individuals. A portal will be established to enable employers to quickly access candidate profiles and to post mentorship and employment opportunities. Joint networking opportunities will also be created for employers and internationally trained individuals to connect personally.

“We believe that the Non-profit Employer Engagement Project will create knowledge and awareness regarding internationally trained individuals as credible hires and increase the brand awareness of the Non Profit employers who will be engaged in the project. “ said Mengistab Tsegaye, Executive Director of the World Skills Employment Centre today at the launch of the new program.

Although this project is being launched now, World Skills has been engaged with employers over the last few years in research about the hiring needs of the non-profit sector.  In a research paper done with the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector in 2012, survey results demonstrated that 52% of employers questioned do not consider new Canadians for employment.  From the study, of those who try to hire new Canadians, 55% are unsuccessful in their efforts. There is stigma that new Canadians are underqualified, have language barriers and limited understanding.  Of the employers that did hire new Canadians, 85% reported these as successful hires.  The research further reveals that 1 / 7 employers do not know where to find this pool of talent. (Source: HR Council, EKOS study 2012)


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