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Where to start when you’re job searching? Join the JSW program.


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Learn about Job Search in Canada

The JSW program is about helping internationally-trained professionals better understand strategic next steps in their own job search process. It is a foundational program that will better prepare job seekers when choosing longer employment and/or training programs. It is delivered in a group format during five consecutive half-days in English and French. The workshop will help you answer questions that are key to being able to reach your professional goals such as:

    • What is my experience? How can I help a Canadian company?
    • Can I do this job where I live? How do I find out?
    • Who do I need to meet and how do I do it?
    • What are my next steps?

How the Job Search Workshop can Help you Succeed


Build confidence and self-esteem in your own professional skills


Promote self-analysis and empowerment to make informed decisions


Build self-efficacy in your job search


Decide the next job search steps to other programs and services


Serving Newcomers Together

The JSW program is delivered in partnership with six other immigrant serving organizations in Ottawa which allows for over 40 workshops in a year. Besides the five-day workshop, participants have access to individual employment coaching to continue working on their self-assessment, improve their knowledge about labour market information and adjust their job search action plan based on the learnings. As an added value, job seekers can also benefit from workshops on relevant topics such as:

    • Intercultural Canadian Workplace
    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    • Self-care and Well-being in Career Development
    • Self-leadership in your Job Search
    • Transferable Skills. Your Pathway to a New Career

Eligibility Criteria for the Job Search Workshop Program


  Resident of Ottawa

  Convention Refugees

  Permanent Residents 

Live-in Caregivers

Canadian Language Benchmark level 5 and above

Program Frequency

  • The workshops are delivered almost every week over five half days. They happen during the morning or the afternoon in some locations. 



See What Past Clients Have to Say About Their Experience

By attending the JSW training sessions, I had known other individuals who were also actively looking for a job, which had helped me gain an impression about where my position was in the market. The facilitator’s lectures were inspiring. I gained more in-depth knowledge on Canada’s workplace culture, which made me feel less nervous during job interviews. I believe after these courses, I presented a better performance when facing potential employers.

Yi Xu


As a newcomer to Canada with hardly any prior knowledge about the Canadian job market and employer expectations, I found the Job Search Workshop by the World Skills Employment Center extremely helpful. The workshop taught me to identify the most important points from my previous experience, organize them appropriately and present them based on the job position. The resources and techniques that I acquired from the workshop made me better knowledgeable about the art of job search, more skilled in demonstrating my expertise to potential employers and above all, a much more confident and enthusiastic job seeker.

Jayeeta Mukherjee


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