Targeted Recruitment Events


Direct and Efficient Recruitment

World Skills hosts targeted recruitment events, at no cost to employers, for a variety of sectors, professions and areas of expertise. These events enable employers to meet numerous talented newcomers in one place and at one time, optimizing their recruitment budgets and timelines.

A Range of Recruitment Events

We host single employer recruitment events, sector specific multi-employer events, and on-site recruitment sessions. In each case, the events are tailored to the needs of the employer or the sector. Our team of employments specialists facilitate the events and provide support to both the employers and candidates.

How a single employer recruitment event works:

• An employer contacts us about their hiring needs. They inform us about the specific skills, qualifications or
  experience they are you looking for; specific job openings they need to fill and the competencies required; the
  timeframe they are working with; the number of positions they are hiring for; etc.
• We pre-screen clients and select those who meet the employer’s requirements.
• We select a mutually convenient date with the employer or employers for them to meet with the pre-screened
• At the recruitment session, employers present their company to all the candidates, then meet each of the
  candidates for a brief 10–15 minute interview. Based on this meeting, the employer determines which candidates
  they are interested in meeting for a follow-up interview.

How a multi-employer event works:

World Skills reaches out to employers in a specific sector or business area and coordinates a recruitment event. The event can be a half-day or a full day, be hosted at World Skills or, depending on the number of employers, at a conference centre. Employers are provided with a space to set up their booth, and World Skills takes care of everything else. Most importantly, we promote the event to our pool of talented newcomers and bring employers and candidates together in one location.

What employers are saying:

“I’d like to commend the organizational staff who welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Thank you! The World Skills service of targeted recruitment was beneficial since all of the candidates who came to see me had an interest in horticulture and a true willingness to work.”
– Sylvia Nesbitt, Nesbitts Greenhouses

“The event was well organized. This Targeted Recruitment was very appreciated and helpful to find great candidates with suitable training.”
Ella Mashali, PeopleReady

“It was a pleasure and an honor for Thinkwrap Commerce to participate in this event. As a newcomer myself, I understand the challenges and frustrations that come with moving to a new country, and I’m glad Thinkwrap can be a part of this program and try to help break some of those barriers. I was impressed with the level of knowledge within the group and with how well prepared everyone was for the interview. Excellent job done by the World Skills team!”
– Diego Costa, Director, Hybris, Thinkwrap Commerce




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