Volunteering at World Skills

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Some of the Many Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering offers an opportunity to give back to your community, to meet new people, to learn and gain new skills and experiences. If you are a newcomer who is looking for a way to learn more about Canadian culture, volunteering is a great way to do that. 

Benefits of Volunteering at World Skills

  • Gaining work experience in a supportive environment
  • Practicing and developing your skills
  • Directly impacting the community
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Meeting new people, making friends and building your connections


Become a Volunteer


Interested in volunteering at World Skills? Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities. If these match your interests please register by completing our Volunteer Application Form. 


Join our Team of Volunteer Coaches

Every year, volunteers at World Skills contribute over 5,000 hours to support newcomers on their job search journeys in Canada by providing expert coaching and more. You can become part of the volunteer team and help to enrich the lives of newcomers in Canada. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at World Skills, please register by completing our Volunteer Application Form. 

Become an Employer Champion

World Skills engages local employers and other stakeholders to be advocates for newcomers and to use coaching as a strategy to advance their integration into the Ottawa labour market. Lack of a network and lack of sector specific knowledge are two of the biggest barriers for newcomers to secure employment. As an employer, you can provide support to our newcomers through various forms of coaching as well as gain access to the largest pool of newcomers in Ottawa. Become an “Employer Champion”. Contact us today at: ws@ottawa-worldskills.org.

Find Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ottawa

For additional volunteer opportunities in Ottawa, please visit Volunteer Ottawa.

 Want to Learn More About our Services? 

Let us guide you in the right direction to find highly skilled newcomers for your business. 



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