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Expand the skills you need to succeed in the Canadian workplace through Communication for Success – Beyond Language! 

World Skills offers Workplace Language Training programs for for people,  Canadian Language Benchmark – CLB 6+ and people with CLB 3 to 5. All programs incorporate sector specific language, and skills critical to the Canadian workplace. 



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Boost Your Communication Skills to Navigate the Canadian Workplace 


All programs at World Skills incorporate the components of language, and sector specific skills into the course curriculum. Participants have the opportunity to explore, practice and enhance relevant skills using real world applications. In addition, guest speakers, including employers and sector specialists, are invited into the classes to share their knowledge, expertise, and provide participants with an opportunity to network.

How Communication for Success – Beyond Language will help you Succeed.



Collaborate with Industry Experts to Build Curriculum



Course Content Connects Language and Sector Specific Skills



Industry Experts Deliver Information Sessions/Workshops




Professional Profiles Development



Build a Network with Industry Professionals



Learn from qualified TESL/ OCELT Instructors


CLB Exit Assessments.


Language for the Workplace CLB 3 -5

The program offers participants practical experience by providing hands-on, professional tasks and situations typical in the Canadian workplace. The program explores managing conversations that elevate and expand professional communication skills. Practice workplace interactions using formal and informal conversations, and “small talk”. Participants will gain a better understanding of the Canadian workplace culture; apply tools and techniques to write professional emails, letters, memos, agenda, meeting minutes, etc. Build a master resume, analyze job postings, and fine-tune your job search strategies.

Communication for Success – Beyond Language! CLB 6+

Office Administration: The program offers participants simulated on-the-job experience by providing practical, work-related tasks and situations typical of the Canadian workplace. The program includes administrative job analysis (soft and technical skills), Canadian workplace culture, general administrative tasks and procedures, and workplace written and oral communication. The program will prepare you for employment in office administration in a wide range of sectors.


Public Administration: The program offers participants a clear understanding of the interface between politics and policy-making. Develop research skills in key public policy and management issues. Build analytical skills in addressing the issues currently facing the public sector. Explore, analyze, and apply aspects of communication needed to thrive in the Canadian public service. Learn how to apply for a public service job, and prepare for the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program. (FIN)


Business and Project Management: The program addresses the language and business skills in the context of business interactions and project management processes. Participants will become familiar with the business skills needed in a Canadian work environment. In addition, participants will learn key terminology and concepts used in project management.  Participants will explore and practice interpersonal skills such as networking, meeting, negotiating, and presenting in both business and project management environments.


Writing and Oral: The program provides participants with business oral and written communication skills needed to express themselves effectively in the Canadian workplace. It is important to consider the message, audience, and purpose of communication. Participants will analyse, evaluate, and practice oral and written communication while fine-tuning business language, expressions, and Canadian workplace protocol.


Software Tools: The program provides opportunities for participants to examine, experiment, and develop expertise, through hands-on use of personal computers, software programs, communication applications, and collaboration tools. Participants build professional communication skills, and are better positioned for the digitally- connected workplace. 


Entrepreneurs:  The program provides participants with the opportunity to make informed decisions about starting a business.  Is my business idea viable?  Throughout the course, participants explore the language, business terminology, and structure while developing a business plan. Furthermore, participants will examine market trends, analyse the components of business operations and research the 4P’s of marketing. The program concludes with a Dragons Den! 

Eligibility Criteria for Workplace Language Training 


  Live-in Caregiver residing in Ontario

  Convention Refugees

  Permanent Residents 

Program Frequency

See What Past Clients Have to Say About Their Experience

“I want to express my gratitude to those who provide this incredible program and I do really appreciate your  commitment to the course greatly! Keeping learning journals is one of the greatest things that I’ve ever done. I learn about myself; it gives me a sense of what I’m good at and what I need to work on. I believe that that reflection process made me land my first official job in Canada. Thank you very much again.”




AI would like to thank you for the time and your dedication to the work. Your classes made this unusual period bright and joyful! Thanks to your energy and excellent teaching skills, we have learned a lot about public administration in Canada. We could level-up our communication skills and develop new ones required for work in public administration. Your openness and strong desire to share speeded up our integration into the Canadian culture

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