World Skills is your Strategic Partner

We collaborate with employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors. We offer an array of services to support the employer with their recruitment needs, with their goal of being a diverse and inclusive employer, an employer that represents their clients, their community, and the Canadian population at large.

We work with employers to help them enhance their ability to recruit, hire, onboard and retain skilled and talented internationally trained professionals. We do this through a variety of services including:

• Pre-screening candidates
• Hosting employer events and recruitment events to meet potential hires
• Leading cross-cultural communications training sessions
• Offering post-recruitment support
• Providing on-the-job language training
• Leading professional coaching programs
• Facilitating mentorship programs

Save Costs and Grow your Reputation

By partnering with World Skills, employers benefit from reduced human resources costs. In addition, the organization’s appeal to internationally trained professionals increases, leading to the potential of reaching new markets at home and abroad.

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