Interview Roulette

Interview Roulette

World Skills coordinates this event monthly which brings together a pool of qualified HR professionals and managers from different industries and companies who offer clients individualized assistance with their interview skills in a roulette format.

These sessions are held at different locations that are timely communicated to participants. They last about three hours.

Participation in the Interview Roulette allows you to practice job interview answers; there will be several interviewers (4 to 8) who are volunteers with significant experience in human resource management, recruitment and/or sector specific work experience. You will meet with them one-on-one and will receive immediate feedback on your answers.

Before the session, you may take some time to read and answer some sample interview questions. Check this site for tutorial videos as well.

Interview answers should follow the STAR technique since the feedback will be in that format. You can also watch this preparatory video and for general preparation, follow this link.

The interviewers will assess points such as your professional attire, handshake and eye contact, tone of voice and of course the content of your answers. It is an excellent opportunity to get a sense of what a job interview feels like without the stress, and get feedback from specialists. In order to be more prepared please take the time to watch these preparatory videos on the internet:

How to groom and dress for an Interview: Link 1, Link 2

Please come to the appointment:

– With your elevator speech (pitch) at the tip of your tongue.
– Dressed professionally

370 Catherine Street
Ottawa, Ontario

9 a.m to 12 p.m.

Participation requirements

You need to be a client of World Skills to participate. Fill-out the contact us form to book an appointment.


To book your spot, please sign-up here.



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