Interview Tips for Newcomers 

Going into a job interview can be nerve-wracking for any job seeker!  

It is especially challenging for newcomers who are looking to enter the Canadian workforce where there is often limited to no familiarity.   

At World Skills, we help newcomers by providing crucial employment support and resources to assist them with navigating the Canadian workplace.   

From job search to the interview process – World Skills provides employment support every step of the way. Workshops like the Interview Roulette which is operated by a volunteer team of experts provide essential tips and tricks that help newcomers top their job interviews.   

Here are some tips that our experts say will play a crucial role in a successful interview:     


Prepare yourself for the interview, take notes, stay alert, and engage:  

  • During your interview, it’s essential to be alert.  Listen and be ready to respond.  
  • Practice common interview questions you can find these online with a simple google search or on different social media forums where you can engage with people in similar roles. 
  • Write down your answers using the STAR method along with some potential questions you can ask the employer yourself, when finished practice aloud. 
  • Practice the STAR method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Results. This method provides a structured approach to your responses during the interview process. 

 Situation: Outline the context of the situation. 

Task: Describe the objective of the situation. What were you trying to accomplish? 

Action: Explain the actions you took to address the task or overcome the challenge. Take this chance to Highlight your skills and abilities. 

Results: Share the outcome of your achievements. 

Following the STAR method can help you to provide clear, structured responses during interviews while effectively showing off your skills to potential employers. 

 Information gathering  

Research is always essential and is especially important going into an interview:  

  • Check out the organization’s website and social media platforms; engaging with professionals in the field through social media forums or connecting on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial.  
  • Before the interview, be sure to familiarize yourself with the organization’s history, goals, vision, and mission.  
  • Ensure you know the job description very well and what your role will entail. This way, you can speak confidently about the job and how you can be an asset to the organization.
  • Feel free to take notes during the interview. If there is anything that feels important, write it down.  

Getting into the right mindset  

Going into the job interview, have a positive mindset.   

  • Think of how your skills can help the company.  
  • Think of times you have faced challenges and how you learned from them.  
  • Research “growth mindset” and “learner mindset.”  
  • Show how your “growth mindset” and “learner mindset” have helped you overcome challenges.  
  • During the job interview, show the interviewer your eagerness to learn and grow.  

Reflection & Feedback   

  • Reflect on what you did well during the interview and what can be improved.  
  • After the interview, it never hurts to email the interviewer, thanking them for their time and showing you’re eager for the position. 
  • Consider any feedback, if any, for future interviews.  
  • Don’t be hard on yourself!   

Learn more about how World Skills helps newcomers solidify their interview skills here. For more information, contact us at or call (613) 233-0453.  

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