“A Tailored Resume: The starting point of a successful job search” – Our presenters rocked!

A Tailored Resume

Last January 21, 2016 World Skills hosted an event for internationally educated professionals interested in learning more about how to tailor their resumes. A total of 23 World Skills clients participated.

We had two fantastic guest speakers and our own Magdalene Cooman, Director of Employer Engagement as presenters.

One of the guest speakers was Meghan Baldeau, Senior Consultant with David Aplin Group who talked about some of the most common mistakes job seekers make when preparing a resume. She went on to mention several of the most important pieces in a professional resume such as: knowing the purpose of the resume, keywords, effective job titles, first impressions, proof reading, achievements, etc. Clients asked questions and took away with them a wealth of relevant information to help them improve the difficult art of writing a tailored resume.

The second guest speaker was Asma Shah, Human Resources Generalist with Sander Geophysics, who brought a concrete, real life example of how they recruited a candidate at their company. She presented the audience with a job posting and two resumes of candidates who applied for the position and explained who was invited to an interview and why from the perspective of how both candidates tailored their information on the resume they submitted.

Clients were excited to have the opportunity to hear such great insights from recruiters themselves and took advantage of the networking session after the presentations to continue asking questions to our wonderful speakers.

The second part of the event was facilitated by Magdalene, who shared some facts about World Skills’ employer engagement strategy and other aspects related to the job search process, specifically highlighting the importance of strategizing.

Overall a very fruitful event, some of the comments from clients:

“I was happy to attend the workshop at Word Skills. It was really very informative.”

“The tailored resume seminar was very useful and beneficial to change our way of presenting resumes to different job postings . Great help & insight on how to submit our resume. Thanks again for all the help we are given to improve our chances of getting jobs.”

Thank you to all the participants, especially to our guest speakers!!!

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