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Did you know that at World Skills, we help newcomers kick-start their Job Search journey before arriving in Canada?

Making the decision to move to another country to start a new life is exciting but can also be very challenging. Navigating culture shock, a new climate, a different job market, learning new skills and integrating into a new culture can be overwhelmingly daunting for newcomers.

However, with the help of pre-arrival services delivered by World Skills, newcomers can get the support they need before arriving in Canada through the Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) program.

This program helps to prepare newcomers for their new journey in Canada by providing employment support that will help them tap into opportunities available in the Canadian job market.

SOPA, which is an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program, delivers free pre-arrival services for job readiness, success and retention

A recent SOPA graduate expressed how SOPA helped her successfully secure job interviews prior to arriving in Canada.


I had a great experience with SOPA’s Pre-Arrival Program, throughout the whole process my facilitator  was actively responsive to all my questions about job postings, possible interview questions and how to properly write an effective resume and cover letter.

Before joining this program, I was overwhelmed with the amount of Pre-Arrival programs and requirements prior to settle in Canada and I was unsure with where the best place to start would be. SOPA has structurally allocated the modules in their website and ensured that we are able to understand as well as apply those steps in order for us to prepare for our job search.

Watching the videos on job searching and coming up with a well written resume and/or cover letter made me achieve those things with my facilitator’s assistance. There were a number of remarks provided from her on my first resume attempt that were clear and I was able to edit the entire work that led to more arranged interviews from hiring managers.

I highly recommend SOPA to anyone who is preparing to migrate to any province in Canada as this is a needed stepping stone to not only land jobs, but to obtain a greater picture of the Canadian Job Market and culture that will improve our knowledge of this great land. It will also give us the opportunity to connect with others via webinars and directly with the person on LinkedIn.

2023 SOPA Graduate

If you want to arrive in Canada prepared, SOPA provides the best resources to help you do so. SOPA offers various resources and courses at no charge. These include: one-on-one orientation, job search support, employment counselling, and workplace culture training, as well as referral to a wide range of post-arrival services upon entry to Canada.

The program offers nine (9) online courses that introduce newcomers to the Canadian Labour Market and gives them the opportunity to learn about the unique characteristics of the Canadian workplace and how to integrate effectively into their field of employment in Canada. The program also highlights the importance of Soft Skills for success in the workplace.

Learn more about how you can Arrive Prepared in Canada through SOPA’s detailed courses.

Arrive Prepared in Canada!

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