Author: Ledianis Rivero Sosa

Congratulations to the Employer Champion Award Winners!

Congratulations to Business Development Canada, The Federal Internship for Newcomers Program and TD Canada Group for receiving Employer Champion Awards at World Skills Employment Centre’s 20th Anniversary Celebration .  The following is the script from Magdalene Cooman, Director of Employer Engagement, about the awards and how employers were selected for each award.  The awards were presented to the employers by Mengistab

Export Development Canada hits their $10,000 campaign target!

EDC launched their crowd-funding campaign Giving in our backyard with the goal of  raising $10,000 “to help 50 newcomers receive language training, cultural competency building, and job search support” through World Skills. It comes as no surprise that EDC attained their target. Thank you to each and every one of EDC’s generous employees.

“Giving in our backyard” – EDC Supports World Skills

Taken from EDC’s website: In keeping with this year’s campaign theme, we’re holding a crowd-funding campaign for a charity in EDC’s backyard. World Skills Employment Centre is on Argyle Street, just blocks away from our head office. Founded twenty years ago, they help refugees and internationally trained professionals integrate into the local labour market. Our

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Upcoming Workshop – What’s Your Social Style?

What’s Your Social Style? Attend our interactive workshop on August 31 and find out! Good communication skills require a high level of self-awareness. Understanding your personal social style of communicating will go a long way toward helping you to create good and lasting impressions on others. By becoming more aware of how others perceive you,


Employers working with the Ottawa Job Match Network to help Newcomers to Succeed in Ottawa

  On July 21, The Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN) held its Employer Engagement Event and Targeted Recruitment Event. This event brings together employers and internationally trained individuals who have been a part of the program, to learn more about each other. Employers get to present their companies and their perspectives on employment in Ottawa

Welcome to Dreamland!

  This blog post was written as part of an assignment prepared by our group during the Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN) program, cohort Business Administration & Management July 11-14 & 18 – 21. The purpose of our blog is to give some practical tips to newcomers in order to have a comfortable transition in Canada. Welcome to the Dreamland! We

World Skills Summer Event. Team building at its best.

Team building is defined as: The action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation. (Taken from a Google search). And this is exactly what happened last Friday July 14, 2017! World Skills celebrated

Internship Opportunities with Non Profit Employer Engagement Project

Internship Opportunities with Non Profit Employer Engagement Project

World Skills Employment Centre is seeking partnerships with non profit employers to provide internship opportunities for newcomers.  This initiative is part of the Non Profit Employer Engagement Project, which is funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The objective of the internship program is to create an active engagement between newcomer professionals and employers

Roadmap to Employment. Celebrating Success.

Last night we held the first event to celebrate the successes of the Roadmap to Employment Program (RTE) at World Skills. We’d like to thank everyone who has touched this program; because of your intervention, guidance, expertise and commitment to helping newcomers find employment, we have changed lives, sped up the integration time and helped to heal spirits.