“Giving in our backyard” – EDC Supports World Skills


Taken from EDC’s website:

In keeping with this year’s campaign theme, we’re holding a crowd-funding campaign for a charity in EDC’s backyard.
World Skills Employment Centre is on Argyle Street, just blocks away from our head office. Founded twenty years ago, they help refugees and internationally trained professionals integrate into the local labour market.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help 50 newcomers receive language training, cultural competency building, and job search support.

Today, October 18, 2017 we were invited to Export Development Canada | Exportation et développement Canada – EDC for a Lunch at Learn event.


Thank you very much to EDC for choosing World Skills as a recipient of a crowdfunding campaign “In your Backyard” within their Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign for 2017.



This was a great opportunity to talk with EDC staff and executives about the work that we do to help newcomers to Canada find commensurate employment.  Special thanks to Cressida BarnabeJanemary Banigan and Katarzyna Pipin for organizing the event and to Thuy Le for sharing her experience as a new Canadian who, with the support of World Skills, was able to secure a job at EDC.



Happy Seventh Anniversary at EDC Thuy! 


Thanks again to EDC. We wish you a successful campaign and we look forward to our continued partnership!


Thanks to Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


“Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is the only Canadian bank exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs. We are proud of the diversity of our clients and we know first-hand how diversity and inclusion helps entrepreneurial businesses thrive.  

As a collaborative partner in Ottawa with World Skills and ACCES Employment, we have supported the entrepreneurial journey of over 20 newcomer entrepreneurs in the past two years. These entrepreneurs fuel the Canadian economy.   

As an employer, BDC recognizes the value of a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Newcomers to Canada bring a breadth of skills and international experience that supports innovation in Canadian business.  

We are proud to partner with World Skills in hosting employment workshops, recruitment events, Women’s networking events and refugee employment workshops. Our community giving has resulted in BDC being introduced to so many talented and dedicated professionals, many of whom we are proud to say are now BDC employees.”


Thanks to Ottawa Employment Hub


“Ottawa Employment Hub, your Local Employment Planning Council, is proud to sponsor the World Skills 20th Anniversary Event.  We have enjoyed collaborating with World Skills and other Ottawa employment service providers supporting newcomers over the past seven years, and have appreciated your ongoing support for our initiatives around immigrant employment. 

We are excited about our formal partnership with Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership this year to jointly develop a community plan, and take action on immigrant employment priorities, leveraging their Economic Integration Sector Table.  It is always inspiring to hear the job seeker success stories that come out of the collaborations between service providers, employers, and other community supports.  

The 2016 Refugee 613 Pathways to Employment event was a great example of how World Skills worked with us and a myriad of other community partners to respond to a local need.  Thank you to World Skills for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us for the past seven years and for your 20 years of dedication to our community. 

We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in the years ahead.  Congratulations!”


Thanks to CPA Ontario


“CPA Ontario is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Work Skills’ 20th anniversary celebration.

For two decades, Work Skills has helped shape Canada’s future by connecting immigrants with employment. On behalf of our 89,000 members and 19,000 students, CPA Ontario congratulates Work Skills for your tireless service and support of internationally educated professionals.

Your commitment is very much aligned with our own efforts to ensure there is a warm welcome and access to opportunities awaiting newcomers to our province. CPA Ontario believes that integrating newcomers into the workforce and developing a diverse talent base gives Ontario an important economic advantage.

We are committed to attracting high-calibre candidates, which includes ensuring internationally educated professionals have clear pathways to joining the accounting profession in Ontario. We have a number of initiatives to support newcomers, including pre-arrival programs to help them on their path to become CPAs. We also provide webinars, information sessions and personal advice to our prospective students. Our relationships with organizations like World Skills provide us with unique opportunities to connect with communities and newcomers directly.

CPA Ontario looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with World Skills to welcome and provide opportunities for new Canadians in the province of Ontario.”

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