City of Ottawa Information Session & Targeted Recruitment Event

City of Ottawa is responsible for providing several services, working to improve Ottawa’s residents’ social and economic well-being. Enhancing resident’s quality of life in our community by providing employment, financial and social supports. On February 17th, City of Ottawa spoke on the Ontario Works & Essential Health, and Social Supports available to our Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women.

“It was a pleasure to present to such an engaging motivated group of women.”
Louise. C

 Employment Specialist Louise Crichton discussed the various programs that promote the best client experience, such as Ontario Works, Social Services Hubs, and Essential Health and Social Supports. Resources were given to ENW participants on locations throughout the City, eligibility criteria and how to apply, documentation requirements, and insight on the benefits they can receive.

“The session was very informative, as are all the sessions organized by you and the other counsellors. There was in-depth information that enabled me to understand the job application process from the point of application to the interview stage. Though I didn’t ask any questions personally, the presenter responded to each question asked in detail and covered a lot of topics that I learned a whole lot about the organization and the way they operate.” – ENW Participant

Ontario Works offers employment and financial assistance for basic needs, shelter, health and employment benefits. Clients receive training to build the necessary skills to find a job. Employment benefits include activities to help participants prepare for and keep employment.

Throughout the information session, Louise also highlighted that each Social Services Hub could be visited to access information for other programs in the City. These Hubs are an excellent way for newcomers to attend computer workshops, job fairs, and Immigration Services.

“The information session was extremely beneficial not only in terms of learning about employment opportunities but also learning about the vast number of services the City of Ottawa offers to its people.  The representatives provided valuable information on every service as well as outlined the employment procedures.  As a newcomer, the session is extremely helpful in learning about the City so that it helps into a complete integration.” – ENW Participant

As a newcomer, it is essential to use the many resources available to make your integration process a smooth transition. For more information on additional services with Ontario Works visit,

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