Empowering Quotes for Newcomer Women

Do you have a quote that empowers you? A quote that you can relate to and that which inspires and grounds you?  An empowering quote can be a simple sentence, phrase, or passage written by someone that you can relate to deeply.

On April 14, 2020, a new group of newcomer visible minority women joined our program, Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women To Succeed in The Canadian Labour Market.  The first session started with the women sharing quotes that inspired them. Here are some of these quotes taken from diverse countries and personalities! In turn, they too inspired us and we would pass on the inspiration to you!

As the women shared their quotes and the reasons why they chose those quotes, you could sense the unity and bonds which started to develop among the group. By sharing their quotes and journeys, the women could all relate to the challenges of coming to a new country to find work.  Through this experience, these brilliant women have already extended a helping hand to each other. Not only does the ENW program help with career development, it also builds community! We are proud of bringing newcomer women together. In addition to having the staff for support, they also have a strong group of other women by their side!

Are you a newcomer, visible minority woman?  Please see if you are eligible for this program. (ENW Flyer)



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