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Dragon’s Den at World Skills

What an amazing day we had today!
As part of the Enhanced Workplace Language Training program, six students from our Entrepreneurs course participated in a simulated “Dragon’s Den” where they pitched their business idea in the form of a presentation to local entrepreneurs and professionals.

The goal of these budding entrepreneurs was to convince them that their business would be a worthwhile venture to pursue. In return, these energetic dragons asked questions to help identify any gaps that should be addressed.

This simulated forum served as a trial run for the entrepreneur students to approach investors or a banking institution with confidence.

A special thanks to the three Dragons for volunteering their invaluable feedback and suggestions to our aspiring entrepreneurs: Steven Jones founder of Quartz Solutions, Emile Salem Founder of CollabSpace, and Dragana Mrdjenovic Project Lead at the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

Kudos to all the students for putting their heart and soul into their invigorating presentations which will help them achieve their goals!

Grace Sheng, Enhanced Language Training Instructor
Giselle LeDuc, Enhanced Language Training Coordinator

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