ENWs Unstoppable & Empowered Newcomer Women

“I am now empowered to always do better. Hearing other women’s stories has given me the ability to push forward.” A quote from Dareen, one of our brilliant newcomer women, who has completed the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women Program. Dareen’s inspiring words are among the many positive testimonials of the confidence, motivation, and support received during the workshop.

On July 22, 2020 ENW held its wrap up session for the 9th cohort of Newcomer visible minority women who participated in the program. Participants had the opportunity to reflect on their expectations at the start of the program and to compare with what they have gained. We love to hear how the workshop interventions empowered the participants. Their feedback about the program demonstrated the strength of this initiative. Ready to take on the challenge, these women have also shown that they’ve always had that special drive within themselves!

There is no doubt that ENW has impacted the lives of these professional women; we’d love to share the fantastic feedback take a look at what the women had to say!

“Before this program, I would apply to many positions and became uncertain about my abilities. After this program, I’ve learned to take these small steps towards my goals. This program exceeded my expectations with confidence and empowerment. I’ve learned it’s not a jump but a process.” Olga, ENW Participant

 “Coming to Canada, I felt alone. In the program, I see I have fellow professional women by my side. I’ve learned how to connect and engage with others along this journey to get where we need to be.” – Malhat, ENW Participant

“Out of this program, I got more than just skills to find a job; I gained confidence all around. I am empowered with the right information for life.”Ogechukwu, ENW Participant

 “I feel more empowered to network. During my job search, I felt disconnected but now I am back on track. This program has taught me skills that go hand in hand with my field. The team here is also very supportive, professional, and positive.” – Oumaima. ENW Participant

Congratulations to our participants on completing the ENW program! Thank you to our facilitators and guest speakers for your hard work and dedication.

Are you a visible minority newcomer woman who is unemployed or consider yourself underemployed?

Please see if you are eligible for ENW (Click here) 

Contact Nadiya@ottawa-worldskills.org to attend our next information session!



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