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As we reflect upon the milestones and accomplishments of the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) program over the last 10 years, we are also proud of World Skills Employment Centre’s role in supporting candidates as they prepare for successful careers in the government.

And what better way to showcase our work than to invite candidates, who were placed in FIN internships over the years, to share their experiences?

No other country supports its immigrants the way Canada does

When Swaminathan Krishnamurthi – an IT professional from India – immigrated to Canada two years ago, he realized that in order to find a job in his sector he needed to work on his networking skills.

“While I understood that it was essential to meet new people and have informational interviews, I needed some help to polish my networking skills,” he says. That’s when he decided to access the services offered by World Skills. As a new immigrant to Canada, I felt it was necessary to understand the workplace culture and how to be part of the labour market.”

Swaminathan attended several networking events and workshops hosted by World Skills and also met with industry experts using the LinkedIn platform for informational interviews. Soon, he landed his first job in Canada at a tech startup through his networking efforts. However, his long-term goal was to work in the Public Sector and that’s when he decided to apply to the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program (FIN) in 2019-2020.

After a successful online application and interview – during which he was offered guidance and support from World Skills staff, counsellors and consultants – he was placed as a FIN intern in a federal agency.  

Swaminathan points out that World Skills helped him overcome barriers to find employment in the Public Sector at a level corresponding to his skills and experience.

“The services offered by World Skills were very beneficial to me, especially the Employer Coaching events and Networking events for FIN candidates. Networking is something that requires lot of effort and World Skills helped me in channelizing my strength to network effectively.” He currently works as an IT Analyst with Canada Revenue Agency.

Swaminathan adds that he was referred to the mentorship program at OCISO by his World Skills counsellor. “I was fortunate to get a wonderful mentor who guided and kept me motivated in my job search.”

“World Skills is an amazing organization with some really helpful staff members, and the FIN program is a great first step to working in the government. I have not seen any country that supports its immigrants as much as Canada does. “I am grateful to Canada for giving me the opportunity to live and work here. I am ready to contribute in whatever way I can to help this wonderful and beautiful country.”

There have been several positive developments on my job front ever since I applied to the FIN program

Dipti Rijwal had interviewed at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for an IT developer position and received the offer of employment for a 2-year term in 2019.

“It started as an internship offer through the FIN Program, but since I was also in another pool at CRA, the manager offered me a term position instead,” she says.

Dipti adds that all of this was possible because of the Information Session and preparatory workshops that she attended at World Skills.

“I was able to understand the workings of the Public Sector, and the excellent advice and guidance I received from my FIN counsellor at World Skills that prepared me to apply to the CRA job pool and interviews. I am incredibly grateful!”

She currently works as an IT Developer/Analyst at the Canada Revenue Agency. 

“I have had the best experience at World Skills and I really owe you big time. The training sessions on how to attend a government job interview were so helpful and it is only because of that, that I was able to land a permanent job at CRA. It is also my first job in Canada. Whenever any friend, who is new to Canada, needs help, I always ask them to go to World Skills.” 

Thanks to the FIN Program, I am now working in my field in the Public Sector

When he decided to apply to the FIN program in 2019, Karim Brahiti realized that there were many things that he needed to learn to present himself as a great candidate.

“Lucky for me, I received the right training through the preparatory workshops at World Skills.” Karim says he was successful in all the stages of the hiring process – right from the online application to the face-to-face interview – because he knew exactly what was expected of him. “I enhanced my communications skills with the STAR method, learned how to give good interviews, worked on my elevator pitch and created a strong resume.”

“I was able to meet my career goals, thanks to the FIN program and the preparatory sessions and networking events hosted at World Skills,” adds Karim who now works as a Project Manager at the Department of National Defence.

We are very happy and proud of the accomplishments of “FINterns” and wish them all the best in their employment journey in the Public Sector.

For all those looking to explore opportunities in the government through the FIN program, Ledianis Rivero Sosa, Director of Client Services, World Skills has some great advice.

“Prepare yourself by using all the tools and supports made available to you by World Skills and other immigrant serving organizations that you may be working with. Do not feel disappointed if you don’t make it to the FIN pool because it’s a competition and in a competition, not everyone can make it to the podium. Continue to focus on your job search and be open to other opportunities that will definitely come your way.”


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