General Strategies to Successfuly Incorporate International Trained Talent into Workplace


In our previous newsletter, we highlighted some successful strategies to effectively recruit, on-board an retain newcomer talent. In today’s blog post, we would like to introduce five successful strategies for incorporating international talent into your workplace that we hope will serve as a “stepping stones” for ongoing discussion in your workplace:

  • Post jobs through World Skills Employment Centre – this is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to ensure you are accessing our database of over 3,000 pre-screened, internationally trained candidates.
  • Invest in offering voluneteer opportunities and/or paid internships – this is a great way to “test the talent” for future opportunities within your organization.
  • Encourage existing staff and management to MENTOR someone outside of their current network(newcomer, youth, etc.) – this is a great way to open the mind to different perspectives.
  • Offer language instruction on-the-job (in English or French), in order to aid in onboarding and career progression of new team members.
  • Encourage team building and cultural knowledge-sharing practices through lunchtime, potlucks, distributed information regarding cultural/religious days of significance, sharing travel stories, “lunch and learn” language training sessions.

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