Cross Cultural Training Workshop for Employers in the Non Profit Sector

Are you a Non Profit Employer? If so, you and your staff may be interested in this participating in this workshop.

A Shared Dialogue: Navigating Across Cultures for Positive Business Communication and Productivity




With Canada’s growing diverse population, it is increasingly likely you will encounter someone from a different culture who has a different communication style and perspective on productivity in the work place. Being able to navigate across cultures is essential for positive business communication and productivity. Adjusting to the new labour force requires knowing how to effectively recruit, onboard, manage, and retain a diverse workforce with the appropriate skills, knowledge and abilities for the future.

World Skills’ Non-Profit Employer Engagement Project will be offering this workshop only to non profit employers.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Listen to stories and experiences of  newcomer professionals who have been able to successfully navigate some of the challenges in integrating into the workforce
  2. Listen to stories of managers / staff / employers who have been able to use innovative best practices to support newcomer integration into their work places
  3. Participate in developing ten strategies to help non profit organizations successfully recruit, onboard and manage newcomers into the work place
  4. Develop a draft tip sheet for newcomers and employers to use to promote positive business communication and productivity.

Date:  September 12th, 2017

Time:  2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Venue:  7 Bayview Road, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B5 

Facilitator: Laurence Péchadre

About Laurence Péchadre, DTM

In Canada, the US and in France, she specialized in cross sectors group facilitation and team-building across cultures. She’s a bilingual MBTI® certified trainer and NLP practitioneer. She loves combining North American HR good practices to European virtues. She helps each individual grow sustainable leadership and communication skills. She is one of the European pioneers who introduced participatory leadership and leadership innovations in France, 10 years ago. Laurence currently lives in Ottawa, volunteers as District 61 District Director with Toastmasters International and advocates for organizations’ triple bottom line. 

Laurence est venue à Ottawa pour comprendre les critères d’efficacité des équipes multiculturelles et bilingues. A côté de ses activités professionnelles: facilitation, formation et création de guides bilingues, elle est à titre bénévole, directrice de district pour Toastmasters international. Cette expérience a ajouté l’humilité à son courage.

Stand up as a team, build on success. En équipe, construisons sur les succès. 


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