Welcoming Ottawa Week – LinkedIn Photo with Algonquin College Photography Program


World Skills would like to say a special thank you to the Algonquin College Photography Program, especially Nyamulola Kambanji, Jason Machinski, Micheal Bowie, Denine Wrixon, Tracy Byers Reid, Ryan McCosham and all photography students and alumni for collaborating with us to host a Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) activity – LinkedIn Profiles.

We chose to do this activity because having a professional photo is a key element in professional branding on LinkedIn. As an employment agency, we wanted to give our newcomer clients the opportunity to get a professional shot so that they could ‘wow’ their future employers. Today, LinkedIn has replaced the handshake in the boardroom and is now the first impression in the job search process.

The team at Algonquin worked super hard to make this happen seamlessly. Algonquin College provided free parking, proper signage to the event and every single photographer and professor was actively engaged in creating a great experience for our newcomer clients. The clients left with great smiles and were all grateful for having this opportunity to get a professional shot!


Some beautiful profiles of our newcomers:

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We would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers who supported this initiative.

We hope to continue this partnership with the Algonquin College Photography Program.  Here are a few comments from the volunteer photographers warmed our hearts.

“Canada welcomed my parents and I over 40 years ago.  Happy to help and make find employment and a new start for those starting out.” Grace

“Great experience!  I would love to do it again soon!” Kay

“Welcome to Canada!  I had a great time!” Dan

“Awesome experience meeting with new people!”  Michael

“Really enjoyed the experience.  Would love to do it again!” Angelika

“Thank you for the opportunity. Lots of fun.” Ashtor

Written by Magdalene Cooman

Director of Employer Engagement

Connect with me if you are looking to create a partnership with World Skills Employment Centre.


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