“This workshop is a MUST!” Find Out What One World Skills Client Has to Say.


Tuija Niemi is a World Skills client who took part in the Job Search Workshop offered by World Skills Employment Centre. She wrote to us recently telling about her experience with the workshops.

“I attended the 2nd part of the Job Search Workshop. The workshop was very useful; not only did it give me good tips on resume/cover letter writing and interview skills, but also an insight to the Canadian way when it comes to searching for jobs. Our facilitator, Laura was very skilled and knowledgeable in the subject. I feel it’s very important that the facilitator is an immigrant him/herself with first-hand experience in the subject. By sharing her experiences, Laura gave us hope that also we can do it: find our place in this new country that we have decided to call home.

The workshop gave a very good overall picture of the job search process. Some of the subject matters might have needed more time for a more in-depth review; such as the targeted resume/cover letter writing but then again, that could be handled in the individual sessions with facilitators as everyone might have their own specific questions and requirements depending on their field.

All in all, this workshop is a MUST to all immigrants: it would definitely ease the transition into the Canadian culture by giving the necessary tools in understanding the job search process.”

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