Benefits of Attending World Skill’s 4th Annual Job Fair

With our 4th Annual Job Fair taking place on February 20th at Gloucester mall, here are 4 reasons why you should attend! Job fairs allow job seekers to meet with multiple employers in a single location and develop relationships that may lead to an employment opportunity, while also providing employers with the convenience of finding the right candidates through on-site interviews. There will be 30 employers participating this year and they range from IT, retail, banking, consulting agencies, hospitality, health care, and e-commerce.

  1. Access to Multiple Employers:

Job seekers get the chance to interact with many different organizations, an opportunity to meet in person and learn more about the employer’s work culture. Job fairs also put a face on your application, formally introducing yourself and creating a great first impression to add to your list of credentials! Unlike applying online through a job board, your resume will be analyzed with a direct feedback to your application.

  1. Develop Your Professional Networks:

Even if you don’t immediately land an opportunity, job fairs are also significant networking events. You can make personal contact with recruiters for future purposes; employers may reach out for future positions and contact you to fill them. Make sure to have your cover letter, resume, and the appropriate documentation for employers to be able to contact you.

  1. Understand Labour Market Trends:

This is the perfect opportunity for you to gather information on current trends in the labour market. Know exactly who is hiring, the positions being filled, and the skills required to qualify for the job.  You might have one career path in mind; however, you may discover that your skills are transferable to other sectors. Take the time also to get a better understanding of alternatives that are suitable for you.

  1. Constructive Criticism & Confidence Boost:

Throughout your job-seeking process, it may seem long or unpromising but remain optimistic! Job fairs encourage you to overcome any confidence issues you may have. Recruiters can provide you with tips and to improve your application for the screening process. Push forward with the proper guidance and recommendations.

Looking to attend our 4th Annual Job Fair on February 20th, 2020, at the Gloucester Centre? If you are a newcomer job seeker in Ottawa, make sure to register to save your spot!

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