FIN Alumni Share Their Struggles and Triumphs

Everyone loves a good success story! And there were several inspiring ones at our Alumni event on January 23, 2020!

Interns and graduates of the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) – a program funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – shared their experiences and stories of determination and success with a roomful of people who had come especially to support and cheer them on.

The goal of the event was to bring together FIN alumni, graduates and candidates – along with partners, collaborators and mentors – so that they could meet new people and reconnect with those they hadn’t seen in a while.


Our Executive Director, Mengistab Tsegaye, set the tone for the evening as he welcomed the guests and talked about how the FIN program has evolved over the years. He also spoke about World Skills Employment Centre’s role in pre-screening, preparing, coaching and supporting eligible candidates throughout their FIN journey.

There was a panel discussion where the following speakers shared information, exchanged ideas and made suggestions for those looking for opportunities in the Public Service:

Claire Foreman, Assistant Director, FIN Program, IRCC

Simon Cardinal, Corporate Secretary, IRCC and FIN mentor

Aakansha Prasad, Policy Officer, ESDC and FIN Alumna

We were also delighted by the presence of our partners and supporters from the City of Ottawa, Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) and Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO):

Marcela Tapia, Program Development Officer, HR Programs, City of Ottawa

Kelly McGahey, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Relations, HIO

Tonya Pomerantz, FIN Program Mentorship Facilitator, OCISO

The room was full of amazing people who talked about their struggles and triumphs, gave each other some great tips, and shared their hopes and dreams.

As we bonded over some finger-licking food and fresh coffee and celebrated the success of World Skills clients who have successfully built their careers in the Public Sector, we also encouraged and applauded the hard work of all those aspiring to work for the government in the near future. 

Like Aakansha very rightly pointed out,

“The key is to be persistent and goal-oriented; and never give up, no matter how tough or frustrating things appear initially.”

We look forward to many more such successful and inspiring events in the future!


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