Canada Revenue Agency’s Recruitment Process for ENW

The Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women program participants received comprehensive information on the recruitment process at Canada Revenue Agency [CRA], Government of Canada.

On May 14th, CRA Representatives graciously dedicated their time to network and coach the ENW participants on the following topics:

  • Potential jobs in the fields of Finance, Human Resources, Law, Policy and Information Technology
  • Estimate range of salaries under each division
  • Innovative methods on enhancing candidate’s professional profile
  • Registration process for job application
  • Diversity and Inclusive programs available for employees
  • Wellness programs offered to maintain work-life balance

Additionally, CRA representatives also spent time in learning about the ENW program and the participant’s international expertise in different sectors. CRA members shared insights on the recruitment steps and answered participant’s questions related to the interview process and etc.

The ENW team would like to thank all members of the CRA team i.e. Obiageli Nnagbo, Vanessa Bettati, Alec Buchanan, Karine Desilets, Jessica Gilmore, Steve Jenkins, Josee Lafontaine, O’Neika Bonadie for their valuable advice.

A special Thanks to ENW’s Employer Engagement team: Haguer Abdelmoneim, Andy Rapoch and Fatima Saadeddine for putting this event together for the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women program.



  1. Hello,

    Is there another Canada Revenue Agency’s Recruitment Process for ENW meeting?

    I am really interested.


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