Canada’s leading renewable energy companies – Brookfield Renewable and Evolugen.

On July 19th, recruiters for two of Canada’s leading renewable energy companies met with over 60 World Skills clients to explain their great opportunities and to encourage them to join their companies.

Brookfield Renewable is one of the world’s largest investors in renewable energy/power employing approximately 3,000 people worldwide. Operating in a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified building, the Gatineau office provides corporate services to the company and has 430 jobs in finance, accounting, HR, IT, procurement, risk analysis, legal, development, etc.

Brookfield uses World Skills’ job board ( ) to recruiting for this broad range of jobs. Natalie Beauvais, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, gave a great presentation about the company and answered questions for over an hour. She explained that because fighting climate change is so important and urgent, “We look for people who bring heart to the table.”

Evolugen is a national green energy producer affiliated with Brookfield. The Evolugen workforce manages the operations of all their renewable power facilities across the country. However, its headquarters are in Brookfield’s spectacular offices. HR Business Partner, Sharlen Lanoix, explained, that Evolugen has its own HR team that is always actively recruiting for the myriad types of operational and corporate roles in a production company.

Both Natalie and Sharlen invited the World Skills clients who were at the recruitment event to contact them personally on LinkedIn and to send them their resumes directly. They were not kidding when they said they are actively recruiting!

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