Electricity HR Canada – Info Session

Plug into the Electricity Industry!

On April 20, two days before Earth Day, Mark Chapeski pleasantly shocked World Skills clients in a fact-filled information session on the large number and variety of career opportunities in Canada’s electricity industry – today and even more so tomorrow. Did you know, it employs well over 108,000 people today!

“Canada’s electricity industry is booming!” he exclaimed. “Because it is the largest supplier of “green” energy, the industry is essential to Canada achieving its international carbon reduction targets in the next two decades. For these and demographic reasons it is poised for historic growth and hiring!” he explained. Today, it employs well over 108,00o people!

Mark is the Vice-President of Program Development at Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), an industry association created to strengthen the ability of electricity companies to meet their current and future workforce needs — one that is safety-focused, highly skilled, diverse and productive.

While “hard hat” engineering and technical jobs first come to mind, this “safety first” core value means there is an unusually high number of Health and Safety jobs – as well as the full range of corporate services jobs (HR, IT, Admin, etc.). For lots more information, visit EHRC’s “getting started in electricity” Web site.

Questions and answers flowed into overtime. The chat comment, “This has been a really fascinating session! Lots of great information and helpful to learn more about a sector that I didn’t have much awareness of. Thank you, Mark, for taking the time to share with us!” spoke for the whole audience.

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