Celebrating the launch of the Credential Recognition Program (CRP)

Newcomers with career paths in regulated fields including the Skilled Trades, who are seeking to have their credentials recognized, undertaking training for an alternative career, or both can benefit from the Credential Recognition Program (CRP).

The Ottawa Community Loan Fund (OCLF) recently celebrated the launch of the program in partnership with World Skills Employment Centre, the Lebanese and Arab Social Services Agency (LASSA), and the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO).

Together, the organizations work to deliver this program and associated services  that will help newcomers jump start their careers in Canada by having their credentials assessed once this is required in their fields. Former clients who have benefited from CRP and other organizations came together to celebrate the renewal and official launch of the program.

There has been a high focus on regulated fields such as the Skilled Trades as Canada works to fill labour market demands. The CRP is an integral part of this process.

About the Credential Recognition Program (CRP)

CRP offers support for newcomers in obtaining their credential assessment, licensing and certification guidance for those in regulated fields and the trades, alternative career exploration, mentorship and financial assistance.

For newcomers, having their credentials assessed will help to:

  • Understand/explore the types of jobs/professions that match skills, education, and work experience
  • Find out if their chosen profession requires licensing in Canada – some professions or Skilled Trades are regulated, meaning you must be accredited before you can work in that job
  • Find out if more training or re-training is required to build skills and talents
  • Show employers what you are qualified for and be confident that qualifications match the needs of the Canadian job market

Other benefits include:Career Counselling, Financing & Personal Financial Management Skills and Career Mentorship.

World Skills is thrilled to be a partner in delivering the CRP services that will support newcomers in their career paths in Canada. To learn more about how you can get started in having your credentials assessed, you can email ws@ottawa-worldskills.org or call (613) 233-0453.

The Credential Assessment Program is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

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