Immigration Minister hosts press conference at World Skills Employment Centre, discusses plans to improve immigration system

On Tuesday, October 31, the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, unveiled the Strategic Immigration Review report and revealed plans to improve Canada’s immigration system. The Minister made the announcement at a press conference held at World Skills Employment Centre.

Minister Miller outlined several plans to transform Canada’s immigration system to welcome newcomers whom he says will help to meet Canada’s urgent labour market demands. “Based on what we’ve heard from stakeholders, Canadians, newcomers on our strategic review that has been occurring throughout the year, immigration is a defining characteristic of our country.”

 He outlined that based on responses from stakeholders, there is a continued demand for immigrant talent, especially in areas such as the skilled trades, technology and healthcare. “We continue to have significant demands for newcomer workers who bring skills we need like health care, trades to build new homes and tech workers to support our innovation and economy.”

He also emphasized that immigration will play a big part in re-balancing the demography and addressing the housing crisis. “We’re also mindful that many Canadian newcomers are really struggling to find reasonable housing in the face of rising costs. Immigration can and must be part of the solution. We want an econmy that continues to grow in a welcoming country for newcomers to thrive while meeting the needs of communities across Canada.”

He added that, “from provinces to territories and employers, we heard about the continued need for skilled workers. Nearly 100 per cent of our recent labour growth has been driven by immigration, including workers to help address challenges like building homes and supporting health care.”

Read more details about Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s plans to transform Canada’s immigration system.  

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