National Capital Commission (NCC) shares career opportunities with newcomers at recruitment event

The National Capital Council (NCC) recently welcomed more than 80 skilled immigrants to the NCC’s first-ever recruitment and networking event with World Skills Employment Centre.

Speaking to clients at the event which was held on October 24, NCC’s CEO Tobi Nussbaum emphasized his commitment to making the NCC one of Ottawa’s most diverse and inclusive organizations that “represents the whole country in the national capital.”.

With this in mind, managers at NCC, led by Allison Janota, who is NCC’s Chief of HR Business Partnerships met with over 80 skilled immigrants to speak about their respective departments and discussed career opportunities at the organization.

The talented pool of internationally-trained newcomers who are clients at World Skills got an opportunity to network with not only NCC leadership teams but other clients who participated in the event organized by the Employer Engagement team at World Skills.

NCC thanked World Skills for engaging them in this event which NCC said is a first of its type for the organization. “Thank you, Gemma and World Skills, for collaborating with us on the NCC’s first ever networking event. We appreciate the time, energy and effort that your team invested and truly believe the event was a success,” expressed Allison Janota

World Skills is thrilled to have partnered with the National Capital Commission to make this event accessible to skilled newcomers in Ottawa. Learn more abou the National Capital Commission and career opportunities here.

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