Employment Scam Information Session


If you have you ever been robbed or cheated, then you know the feeling of being violated and ashamed of your gullibility.


Every day, cunning criminals use false job opportunities (called “scams”) to rob job seekers, especially newcomers, of their money, their identity, their personal information, their dignity and much more.


Because victims are ashamed, many do not report these crimes to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. So the actual number of scams is far greater than the official number.


On September 17th, Desiree Imeish, an Employment Consultant with the St Lawrence College Employment Center, gave a comprehensive workshop to World Skills clients and staff on this fascinating and frightening topic.


If you answer “yes” to any of any of these questions, this session was for you.

· Do you conduct your job search online?

· Have you ever looked at a job posting and thought to yourself this is too good to be true?

· Were you offered an employment contract only to find out it was fake?

· Have you ever paid for training and did not get a job afterwards?

· Is the employer asking for your personal details?

· Is the employer only communicating virtually?


The next time you get a too-good-to-be true e-mail, use these steps to protect yourself:

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