ESDC Partnership with World Skills Employment Centre

In the fall of 2020, World Skills Employment Centre collaborated with Employment and Social Development Canada [ESDC] in creating an innovative approach to connecting amazing immigrant talent to opportunities at ESDC in the Ottawa region; specifically, for their Transformation Management Branch (TMB).


About TMB

TMB is responsible for transforming how ESDC delivers its services to Canadians. The branch was established to enable the Department to align with the Government of Canada’s priorities of delivering citizen-focused services and to achieve the outcomes of the ESDC Service Strategy. TMB enables the Department to improve service delivery in a way that responds to needs of Canadians while providing employees with modern tools.


TMB oversees some of the largest transformation initiatives across the public service. Their work is essential for shaping and transforming the way services and benefits are delivered to Canadians.


The Strategy and Result

In addition to traditional recruitment strategies, TMB put a focus on needed capabilities, and how the candidate’s transferrable skills could match with multiple opportunities at ESDC in order to help build an amazing talent inventory, to keep candidates engaged and to retain valuable talent in a competitive labour market.


The first recruitment drive was from November to December 2020 and generated a lot of interest from our job seekers. Here is the drive in numbers:


· 199 applicants screened in by World Skills Staff (post resume & interview assessment) and resumes submitted to ESDC

· 166 candidates were retained in their inventory after their 1st interview (86% retention rate)

· 14 candidates have been offered positions at ESDC (November 2020 to July 2021)


Testimonials from ESDC regarding their experience in collaborating with World Skills


English version


« We teamed up with World skills to organize recruiting sessions to fill numerous positions on our teams. Their employees are professional, efficient and adaptable. With their expertise, we were able to create a very diverse and skilled talent pool of candidates from which we could choose. . »


Transformation Management Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada


French Version


« Nous avons travaillé en équipe avec Compétences Mondiales pour organiser des séances de recrutement afin de pourvoir de nombreux postes dans nos équipes. Les employés de Compétences Mondiales sont professionnels, efficaces et savent s’adapter. Grâce à leur expertise, nous avons pu créer un basin très diversifié de candidats talentueux et compétents duquel nous avons pu puiser. »


Direction générale de la gestion de la transformation, Emploi et Développement social Canada.

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