Empowered Newcomer Women on the Journey to Success


On Thursday, May 21st, the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women Program completed yet another cohort! It is always a gratifying and inspirational last day when we wrap up our workshops and hear the experiences of our brilliant participants.

As a newcomer, it is not easy finding a job; one must get accustomed to the new country and the different workplace culture that comes with it. Practices are different, and resources may not always be easily accessible. Throughout the wrap-up session, we heard many assuring words such as confident, hopeful, and encouraged. The women have overcome many barriers through the program in pursuit of trying to understand the Canadian labour market.

With each group of women that join the program, it’s incredible to see the transition, entering with doubts and leaving with the confidence! Our women have been able to identify their concerns and challenges. With the help of our fantastic team, they’re now focused on establishing an action plan and taking the necessary steps to find work.


“During the workshops, I had a lot of help. With disappointments in the past, the workshops gave me confidence and more information on the labour market.” – Zeinab


Receiving feedback on our last day, the women have mentioned with access to more knowledge, the workshops have made their job search much easier. Our facilitators have done a tremendous job of pulling resources and coaching the newcomer women. The Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women program provides insight on how to write a professional resume, how to brand yourself, and making the right connections through networking.


“I gained a lot of valuable information regarding the Ottawa job market, how to position ourselves and how to construct our resume and cover letter to target the desired positions. But, most valuable is the connections I have made, the friends and the support. Thank you.” Raluca

“The program exceeded my expectations, and I learned lots of things I did not know before. Not only did it help professionally but other aspects of my life. I feel like I’m starting a new journey.” – Judith


With the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the women have also learned how to adapt to the new processes, how to handle job loss, hiring freezes, and working from home. Aside from professional guidance, we want newcomer women to take the time to know themselves. This group of women has experienced rejection and negative experiences looking for the right job, but they push on! Feeling a bit nervous with the start of new activities, they accomplished every task with optimism. Newcomer women must always remember not to let 5 minutes of unhappiness, ruin a lifetime of happiness!

These newcomer women are not just participants but a part of the ENW family. Creating relationships with one another, they are building flourishing new connections in which they can confide in and share valuable information.

Congratulations on accomplishing the ENW program and embarking the journey of finding your dream job! Thank you to our facilitators and guest speakers for your hard work and dedication.

Are you a visible minority newcomer woman who is underemployed?
Are you working in a survival job or in a job that is below your capacity? 
Contact Nadiya@ottawa-worldskills.org to attend our next information session for Underemployed women!

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