World Skills Events Continue to Have Traction!

On June 4, 2020 World Skills hosted an event for internationally trained professionals with the topic of Emotional Intelligence and Job Search. The presenter was Dragana Mrdjenovic, Manager of Settlement and Integration at OCISO.

Close to 40 of our clients participated and many of them shared their insights and personal experiences about the topic and how their ability to manage their emotions and understand those of others has impacted their professionals and personal lives.

It was a very fruitful session that lasted over two hours on Zoom; clients were very engaged and interested in the discussions that took place. Many appreciated the opportunity to connect virtually and felt a sense of belonging.

Some of the comments and feedback shared by participants were:

“I would like to thank you for your time and efforts in today’s subject presentation. It was fruitful and informative. I was happy to be joining the group and be a part of such a nice presentation and interactions. Thank you for the job well done and keep it up.”

 “Conversations like this one helps a lot, you understand that you are not alone in these kind of situations and there are people who feel the same and there are people who are willing to speak about that and most importantly listen and share their experience.”

We’d like to thank our presenter for a very engaging and informative session and also our clients who, during these times of physical distancing and huge challenges due to COVID-19, have demonstrated a strong commitment to reaching their goals and staying positive while looking for employment, and are proving to be incredibly resilient by embracing every opportunity offered to them to continue learning, growing and staying current.

To all our clients, we are humbled by your positive attitude and trust in our work; we couldn’t do what we do without the thousands of newcomers who seek our help to support them in their job search.

Our staff deserve a standing ovation as well as they have quickly and smoothly adapted to the new conditions with high level of professionalism and lots of enthusiasm; that allowed us to continue offering most of our services remotely and virtually without interruption.

At World Skills, we’re doing our best to serve you and to offer quality programming that reflects the commitment to fulfill our mandate of connecting immigrants to employment.

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