Empowering Newcomer Women To be Job Ready

As a professional, you may already have several skills required for an employment opportunity, but there are transferable skills you can attain to stand out as an applicant. Transferable skills allow you to be efficient and prepared for different situations and work areas. On February 18th ENW wrapped up its second Cohort of the year with incredible feedback from our newcomer women. They expressed the readiness to pursue their careers and the newfound confidence they have in their skillset.

“I am empowered to keep moving forward. During some of the workshops, I felt like I already had the knowledge, but I still learned more, and they were very powerful and definitely life-changing. The program has given me a push. I have gained the momentum to connect with professionals from my industry, and it has given me the push to do all I wanted. “–ENW Participant

The Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women program helps participants identify their transferable skills while exploring careers that match these competencies. Our Employment Counselors & Recruitment Specialist guide each woman based on her induvial profile, addressing her experience and areas for improvement. The team maintains excellent working knowledge of local labour market trends and employer requirements, coaching about communication, research, and digital skills for an ideal candidate. Providing a tailored curriculum that ensures a targeted resume, interview success, and workplace knowledge that can offer various job opportunities.

“I am empowered to get that job. The program helped me to build my network and to identify skills I didn’t know I had. LinkedIn is a connection tool; now I see the professional input.  I am now more confident to connect with people. “–ENW Participant

Many newcomer women experience doubt in their abilities, wondering if they’ll be able to adjust to life in a new country. Questions such as “is my English good enough?” “will my education and foreign experience be considered?” may cross a newcomers mind. During the wrap-up, participants mentioned they feel empowered professionally with the right attitude to take on this journey with confidence! ENW is here to provide the proper support, reassuring newcomer women that they can believe in their strengths and expertise in Canada.

“I am empowered to go get that job. When I joined the program, I wanted to build a professional network, and I have been able to do so. I do feel confident that I will be able to connect with people, and I believe I will be able to land that job very soon.” – ENW Participant

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