Empowering Underemployed Newcomer Women – June 2020

The Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women Program wrapped up its first cohort for visible minority newcomer immigrant women who are underemployed. The participants of this cohort identified themselves as underemployed, currently working in a transitional job or in a position that is below their capacity.

The workshops focused on career management and advancement. Participants gained advanced skills that allow them to seek new opportunities, promotions or be able to also negotiate their salaries.  In addition to career management strategies, the program also promoted a positive mindset to build participants confidence in taking charge of their careers. Participants are encouraged to take note of their emotions and to apply techniques that keep them optimistic during the job search process.

Our wrap up session included touching testimonials from the newcomer women. It is always a beautiful experience to see the transition from the start to finish of the workshops. These women have left a different person, with a new attitude, and a clearer vision of their future.  At the end of the program, we asked one final question to participants: “How are you now empowered after completing the program?” Here are the responses from these brilliant women!

“I’m empowered to build my personal brand, to explore, research, and connect to the labour market. And take charge of my current and future positions.” – Josephine. W, ENW Participant

“I am empowered to expand my vision on all potential opportunities. Workshops have given me more energy, and I will use all this information to expand my future search.” – Ouassila. R, ENW Participant

“I’m empowered to find the right job for me by researching to identify what is right for me. Continue to identify and build relationships with professionals who can support me.”– Alejandra. A

Congratulations to our participants on accomplishing the ENW program for underemployed women! Thank you to our facilitators and guest speakers for your hard work and dedication.


Are you a visible minority newcomer woman who is unemployed or consider yourself underemployed?

Please see if you are eligible for ENW 
Nadiya@ottawa-worldskills.org to attend our next information session!


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