Congrats to Our Recent ENW Participants!

April 06, 2020

Congratulations to the recent participants of Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women to Succeed in the Canadian Labour Market program, who completed their employment skills training program. Despite the office closures, the program successfully transitioned online, and our women were able to attend via Zoom, a video conferencing software. Our team hosted group workshops, one-on-one counselling and even an employer panel to guide participants in gaining knowledge and skills as it pertains to local labour market trends, community resources and the needs of newcomer job seekers, employers, and other stakeholders.

In addition to presentations and workshops by subject matter experts, participants are encouraged to do their labour market research, make further connections through networking and to update their overall job search strategy such as tailoring their job applications, LinkedIn profiles, and preparing for job interviews. With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, the program has also provided insights on the impact that the job market may have on their career prospects and how to adapt to virtual technology during this global emergency.

The Empowering Newcomer Visible Minority Women initiative has received fantastic feedback, and we are very proud of the growth that these talented women are making towards their career goals. Our participants have reassured us that the program works. Lina mentions, “I feel more optimistic, I am very happy and satisfied with the program it has exceeded my expectations. I have gained knowledge of networking, and I am more comfortable targeting my resume.”

ENW ensures the women leave the program with the right tools and mindset to pursue their dreams, not to give up and use their newly gained knowledge to overcome any challenges which they may face as newcomers. “I was lost at the beginning of the program; I didn’t know if I would be able to make it. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to work in my field and would have to look for a survival job. With the ENW program, I now know that I can, I will do it.” – Madeleine


If you are interested in this program and you meet the following eligibility criteria, please contact

Program Eligibility:

  • CLB level 5 +
  • Must identify as a visible minority newcomer woman
  • Permanent resident of Canada
  • A protected person and/or convention refugee with valid work permit
  • Must be willing to volunteer in this research project
  • Must be unemployed or underemployed

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Dear clients, volunteers, employers, partners and stakeholders; due to the special circumstances related to COVID-19, from March 17, 2020 and until further notice, our employment services are being offered remotely using e-mail, telephone, and other available technologies.

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