Celebrating Our Journey and Planning For the Future!

The ENW team, champions, proteges, and employers, got together for an extraordinary event to celebrate the Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women to Succeed in the Canadian labour Market program since it began 6 months ago! It was an excellent opportunity for protégés and champions to share testimonials about their progressive journey in regards to giving back, building confidence, compassion and friendship. It was also an opportunity for employers to highlight critical points and give advice on adaptable measures for supporting and working successfully with professional newcomer women.

International author, speaker, trainer and coach Lisa Anna Palmer was the keynote speaker and gave an uplifting talk about “Connection through compassion, courage and competence as Leaders.” This got participants thinking of more ways to show compassion, build their connections and demonstrate their leadership competencies during this difficult time.  One of the key tips which she provided to the audience is for us to be compassionate with ourselves.  #Covid-19.

Special thanks to the ENW team for such an amazing initiative that provides empowering tips to support newcomer women as they integrate into the Canadian labour market.

“Thank you to all the staff, the ENW program is changing lives. I am so grateful for this program, I met the right people, I was in the right workshops, at the right time. Thank you so much for showing compassion to us and help us to achieve our goals with confidence! So grateful for all the team!” – Iyrma ENW Client


“The impact of this program is clearly measured in increases in confidence and fulfillment.  So inspiring!” – Michelle Schafer 

” I Love my relationship with my champion, I not only have someone who is helping me professionally, I have a friend who I can talk to and share. Wonderful program.” – Felicite, protege

Truly awesome to hear these stories from employees and participants! Kudos on all the great achievements!!” – Employer

The Empowering Newcomer Women initiative has transitioned online

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If you are an employer looking to diversify your talent pool, please contact Fatima@ottawa-worldskills.org 

If you are a professional who is looking to be a champion for a newcomer woman, please contact Louisa@Ottawa-worldskills.org 

If you are a newcomer woman who meets the following eligibility, please contact Nadiya@ottawa-worldskills.org 




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