Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women – Magdalene Cooman

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are happy to announce Magdalene Cooman Director of Employer Engagement with World Skills Employment Centre has been recognized by Femmes Remarquables as one of Ottawa’s Distinguished Women!


Magdalene has been awarded & acknowledged as a Community Pillar, by creating and supporting initiatives that have connected newcomers to employment opportunities she has made a positive, impactful change in the community of Ottawa. Magdalene has stepped beyond her role to ensure that the World Skills staff is compassionate & well prepared to fulfill the needs of newcomer immigrants. Designing programs that work on career development and help newcomers build their professional networks. Magdalene Cooman is a proud advocate for World Skills Empowering Newcomer Women To Succeed in The Canadian labour Market program encouraging employers to tap into these talent pools of professional women.

“Congratulations to all of the other women who are being recognized as Community Builders, Lifetime Contributors and Women of Inspiration. Special thanks to Emily Cattelan Lagace for making the nomination and Lisa Anna Palmer for pulling it all together and Menigstab Tsegaye and Sakina Husain for their work in supporting the nomination. It takes a village to make this happen. More than the award, I feel honoured that all of you made the time to do this – going over and beyond.

Although I am the one being recognized, I am sharing this award with all those who have supported me along my journey in Ottawa – especially the immigrant community – we are all finding our way through this maze. Still, I know that if we keep to the agenda of finding solutions to the problems which we face, we can all rise.” – Magdalene Cooman

Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women is a collaborative volunteer initiative; their vision is to acknowledge local women whose achievements and contributions have enriched the quality of life for Ottawa’s citizens. This initiative aims to include inspiring young women that showcase the rich diversity in Ottawa, encouraging recognition for women, and promoting organizations that recognize the positive value and impact of these women.

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